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  1. A couple of weeks ago, high school students started making the bonfire. Today we are going to interview the person in charge of this project, his name is Gonzalo, and he is the center's technology professor, and he will answer a couple of questions. How did the idea of this year's bonfire come about? At the end of the course, a survey is always sent with the projects that they like the most and those that less. One of the questions that comes up is how they would like the next year's bonfire to be. In truth, the subject of the sea has been telling me for years and, just this year, most people chose this theme. It is also a subject that you can take advantage of a lot. In some years the bonfire did not come out as you expected? No, I think that the other way around, the bonfire is getting better and better than I expected at the beginning, so for the moment I am very happy. Do you have clear ideas from the beginning or do you have to adapt them for some groups? The ideas and the ninots that are presented to each group are thought almost a year before and then there are times when the theme of the structure has to adapt a bit, but generally works well with everything that is programmed. No, very abrupt changes, it is better to change places, but otherwise not, because the amount of work is very difficult and many days. This has been everything and we hope that this year's bonfire is a success and that everything goes well. Thank you very much for everything and see you later.